Our dog training aims to create a positive, effective relationship between owner and dog, whether working with young puppies or helping with specific dog behaviour problems. Wendy specializes in remedial work and brings her understanding of canine behaviour and body language to all aspects of training.     We will show you how to:

  • Understand your dog’s natural behaviour and how they learn and communicate
  • Meet your dog’s physical and emotional needs and channel their energy to avoid stress-related problems
  • Control reinforcement and provide a variety of rewards and feedback to ensure your dog is a willing partner

We keep dog training enjoyable for dogs and owners by:

  • Ensuring training classes are kept small
  • Providing a supportive and relaxed learning environment for dogs and owners
  • Keeping training relevant to the real world
  • Providing individual training for those dogs not suited to group training classes
  • Providing social skills and handling training, as well as obedience training

A full range of services are available, including pet dog training, specialist competition dog agility classes, behaviour advice and rehabilitation work for dogs with issues such as dog aggression or separation anxiety.

Our services cover the Central and North Nottinghamshire areas, including: Newark, Mansfield, Ollerton, Nottingham, Bingham, Southwell, Ravenshead, Sutton in Ashfield, Worksop, Tuxford and Retford.



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