About Wendy Hill

Wendy Hill BSc.(Hons) Zoology (specializing in Animal Behaviour)
APDT 01021          ABTC
Wendy’s life long  interest in animal behaviour developed with a specialisation in behaviour during her Zoology degree at Liverpool University.

After a career in applied biology and then marketing and sales, Wendy turned her passion for training her own horses and then dogs into a full time business and developed WH Dog Training.  Specialist remedial behaviour work, competition and fun agility together with a unique range of pet dog classes keep the diary busy!

Wendy has trained with some of the U.K and U.S.A’s most experienced trainers and behaviour specialists including Ian Dunbar, Sarah Whitehead, Sue Sternberg, Ken Ramirez, Kathy Sdao, Nicole Wilde, Pia Silvani, Emily Larlham and Kim Moeller. Clicker Expo 2015 provided further opportunity to keep up to date with current research and training techniques.

Previous personal experience of the effects of aversive techniques, which still abound in dog training circles, has forged her commitment to understanding dogs and how they learn, and to use only ethical methods to achieve training goals. An ongoing commitment to continue pushing knowledge and experience means several dates for seminars and workshops are always in the diary.

Whilst academic qualifications need to be balanced with extensive hands on training, providing clients with a benchmark to create trust in their trainer means that  Wendy is examined and approved by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She recently retired from another leading organization as they had refused to make a strong ethical stance over training methods.

Wendy is also CRB checked and first aid and child protection trained.

Agility is a sporting passion and her dogs compete throughout the year at K.C. competitions. Wendy trains with World Championship Gold, Silver and Bronze medallist  and top British competitor and coach Jo Tristram.

An understanding of canine behaviour and the importance of creating a minimum stress learning environment for dogs and their owners is central to all training whether advanced agility or pet dog classes.

Wendy’s Dogs

The leading characters on the home page are current canine family members Mattie, a Lab x Staffie,  JJ, an Irish lurcher, and Merlin the Collie.  Mattie and JJ  were rescue pups and provided ample ongoing material for practical experience with a variety of behaviour issues!

Mattie had a very successful agility career and although she and JJ are now senior citizens they still enjoy doing some micro height jumping at home. Merlin unfortunately has physical problems in his shoulders so his early promise has been redirected to the Allsorts agility classes.  All the dogs are trained in a wide variety of canine sports including Rally, Competitive Obedience and Freestyle and all enjoy free shaping activities and have a huge variety of tricks in their repertoires.  Each does canine gym exercises regularly to maintain suppleness and strength into their more senior years.


Visiting Trainer  Karen Deverill

Karen Deverill BSc (Hons) Biology
APDT 00925
Kennel Club GCDS Examiner – Bronze level

Karen’s love of dogs began with “Tinker”, her sweet-natured, gentle friend who joined the family when Karen was 2 – & lived to the age of 17!   When at school & during University holidays, she fitted in lots more contact with dogs, working at her local vets for 6 years.

When searching for suitable training classes for her first dog of her own, she experienced the stress that aversive training techniques can cause to dogs & owners – but also discovered the positive effects of modern, reward-based techniques.  Karen (& her dog!) got the “training bug” & attended several different training clubs (simultaneously) to gain as much experience as possible.  She began assisting, & then instructing at classes & in 2006 passed her APDT assessment.

At the end of 2008, she moved from Scotland to Nottinghamshire.  Finding Wendy’s training classes was the perfect opportunity to continue instructing & have access to kind, reward-based classes for her own dogs!!!

She loves learning more about “what makes dogs tick” & builds on her knowledge, regularly attending seminars & workshops held by world-wide respected trainers who promote kind, ethical techniques.  She’s sat & passed part of the Rally judge qualification & is a Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme approved examiner.

Karen’s Dogs

Dot, a dalmatian, is a much-loved family member.  She is a sensitive girl with some challenging behaviours – understanding & improving these issues has been interesting & invaluable learning. Dot has been trained in Obedience, Rally & a small amount of Agility.  She loves her clicker-training sessions, is always learning new tricks & adores nosework exercises – all serve to keep her mentally fulfilled.

Pebble, also a dalmatian, passed away suddenly in June 2013 at the age of 12.  She shared Karen’s journey into the world of dog training & they loved experiencing & learning new things together.  Pebble was trained in Obedience, Agility, Rally & some Working Trials & she achieved her Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Level Award.  She is hugely missed.


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