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Agility is a wonderful game for dogs to learn and provides a great outlet for their mental and physical energy. It builds fantastic teamwork as you learn handling skills together to enable your dog to negotiate a course of jumps, contacts and weaves at speed.

Wendy competes all her dogs and uses the handling system of one of the world’s most succesful international handlers and trainers, Greg Derrett. Whether you wish to compete or simply have fun with your dog you will be very welcome.

Wendy trains with Jo Tristram who has the unique achievement of winning consecutive Gold, Bronze and Silver medals at the World Open Agility championships. She is a great trainer as well as competitor and holds regular clinics for all levels at our venue.

Our classes are run to ensure dogs can relax and concentrate on training, so aggressive dogs and lunging barking collies are not part of the picture. Naturally for those wishing to compete getting dogs comfortable with high levels of activity and distraction is essential but our classes provide a stress free environment for all dogs, and Wendy uses her extensive experience as a behaviour specialist to provide clients with assistance if their potential competition dogs have reactivity or social skill issues.

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All new clients start with a private Introduction to Agility / Assessment session depending on previous experience.  For new dog and handler teams detailed notes are provided.

The Foundation Agility  and Young Dog Foundation Agility classes are for young dogs from 5 months old and older dogs new to the sport. Sessions include essential ground work, body awareness and confidence building activities, distraction proofing for solid start lines and handler focus, early contact work and age appropriate jump work, verbal directional cues, shaping activities and core handling skills. Groups of 3 or 4 are developed as a closed unit so everyone is at the same skill level.

Novice Agility Classes are for dog and handler teams who know all the basic handling skills, and are starting to do weaves and contacts in sequences.

Intermediate Agility Classes further develop core skills, course analysis and handling decision making, courses are G5 plus

More experienced teams work one to one to optimize training time and this is often used from day one when diary constraints mean clients can’t make class times.  Special clinics covering specific handling skills are scheduled regularly.

All dogs must naturally be fit and correct body weight to meet the physical demands of the sport.

Training facilities include three acres of individually dog proof fields and a purpose built indoor building with a professional waxed sand surface to ensure secure, safe footing. Both full sized and training equipment are available and all contact equipment is rubber skinned aluminium build as used in competition  – please see the facilities page for photos and more details.

Please note that payment is due for all lessons cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment unless there is a genuine veterinary or medical reason.

Next clinics with Jo Tristram –       Thursday June 21st, Monday 17th September, Thursday 11th October, Thursday 8th Novemeber 2018.

Workshops and individual special training events ( Click to Display)

Course Walking at NDTC Champ Show
Date / Time: Sunday 27th May Trainer: Wendy
 Location:  Newark Showground
Fees:  N/A Places Available:  N/A
Pizza and Plonk Course Analysis and Handling Quiz evening – humans only!
Date / Time Thursday 24th May 6.45pm Trainer: Wendy
Class: Location: Normanton on Trent Centre
Fees: £8 per handler- chauffeurs free of charge! Places Available; Limited
Free Course and Equipment Practice Sessions for Existing Clients
Date / Time       11.00am – 1.30pm  Sundays 24th June and 15th July Trainer:
Class: Location:      Normanton on Trent Centre
Fees: none Places Available;  Yes, by invitation
 Agility clients’ social evening – local pub.
Date / Time:  7.00pm Friday 8th June Trainer: Wendy
Class: Location:   The Crown , Normanton on Trent
Fees:  N/A Places Available:  yes

Saturdays (Three Classes – Click to Display)

Intermediate Agility
Date / Time   June 2nd,9th, 23rd, 1.15pm, 30th 2.00pm. July 14th, 28th, August 11th all 1.15pm Then summer break until September Trainer: Wendy
Class: Intermediate Agility                       Location: Normanton on Trent
Fees:  £9 per session- just 4 dogs per group per hour. Paid in advance for each 2 month period Places Available;  One available
Foundation Plus Agility 
Date / Time  June 2nd and 23rd 2.30pm. July 7th 1.15pm, 14th, 28th, 2.30pm. Aug 4th 1.15pm. 11th 2.30pm Then summer break until September Trainer: Wendy
Class:  Foundation Plus Agility         Location: Normanton on Trent
Fees: £9 per session – just 4 dogs per group per hour. Paid in advance for each 2 month period Places Available:  Full
Young Dog Foundation Agility 
Date / Time: June 2nd 3.40pm, 9th 2.30pm, 30th 3.15pm. July 7th 2.30pm 14th, 28th  3.40pm. Aug 4th 2.30pm 11th 3.40pm    Then summer break until September Trainer: Wendy
Class:  Young Dog Foundation Agility         Location: Normanton on Trent
Fees: £9 per session – just 4 dogs per group per hour. Paid in advance for each 2 month period Places Available:  Full

How to Book

Please contact Wendy who will arrange an initial assessment/ Intro to Agility session.

One to one training is £20 per hour. Intro to Agility /Assesment sessions are £23 and include written details of the games and exercises covered.

Classes are £9 per dog with just 4 dogs per hour. All dogs must be comfortable working off lead around other dogs and people.


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