If early warning signs are not recognized dogs can easily develop significant behaviour problems such as:

  • aggression towards other dogs
  • aggression towards people
  • genuine fear at being left alone
  • guarding food, toys or other items
  • disruptive and destructive behaviours at home

These situations require individual assesment and very specific training advice rather than a class situation.

After many years working with all kinds of behaviour problems, Wendy is now focusing on Dog to Dog Aggression/Reactivity cases to make maximum use of our extensive private indoor and outdoor facilities which enable us to work with all levels of dog to dog issues and provide ideal follow up work. This also means more clients can be helped and more young dogs seen before slight problems become deep seated issues. Where the problem is between housemates home visits will still be arranged, and naturally secondary problems of any sort will be addressed during the consultation process.

All methods used will be constructive and positive to change the dog’s response both physically and emotionally to the things that trigger the problem behaviour. He will learn coping mechanisms to deal with previously difficult situations.  Quick fixes (using punishments such as choke chains, rattle cans and physical corrections) which suppress the problem short term but do not address the situation long term are unethical and would never be considered. The situation hasn’t been changed, the trust in the handler has been destroyed and the problem will emerge again worse than before .

How to Book an Appointment

Please contact Wendy to outline the situation and arrange the initial consultation. To eliminate the not uncommon possibility of a physical problem contributing to the behaviour, consultations are only done with veterinary consent. The form can be downloaded and needs to be completed and brought with you to the initial consultation.

A £50 deposit is asked for to secure your appointment.

Consultations are at our Normanton on Trent training centre and the initial £190 fee includes ;

  •  Assessment of video of the problem behaviour and analysis of a detailed questionnaire on the nature and history of the problem, lifestyle etc.
  • Holistic review of areas such as diet, lifestyle and relationship with the owner to ensure the dog’s physical and emotional needs are being fully met.
  • A 2-2.5 hour consultation involving the whole family where appropriate management and remedial training skills will be demonstrated and taught.
  • Provision of a detailed written summary and handouts covering each aspect of training and management.
  • The first 4 weeks unlimited follow up time with Wendy using email, phone and video.
  • One 60 minute practical follow up session.
  • Ongoing email and phone support.
  • Attendance of our next available Foundation presentation covering canine behaviour, learning and body language together with how to create a well balanced, motivated partnership with your dog.
  • Sitting in on any of our training classes to pick up practical training skills.
  • Access to our Reactive dog classes and coming as a satellite to other classes as part of a carefully structured remedial programme

Further practical sessions are charged at the standard rate of £25 per hour.

Where a home visit is needed to work with dogs within the same home the price will be quoted depending on location.

For our location see address and map in Maps and Directions.

Please note that if appointments are cancelled within 5 days without a serious veterinary or medical reason, 50% of the full fee is payable, and any replacement appointment is payable in advance.

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